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Established in 1984, Eagle Works is a community of Fine Artists working from Victoria House, on the roof of the Mander Centre, Wolverhampton 📍



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Believed to be the longest-running self-funded artist studio group in the UK, Eagle Works was founded in 1984 and resided in a Victorian factory building on Great Brickkiln Street, Wolverhampton. The building was three storeys of narrow corridors, steep staircases, more than a few structural issues, but enough character to make up for all of it. Since 1984, generations of local artists and graduates of the Wolverhampton School of Art (then Polytechnic) moved into the property for it to be the home of their practice and the venue for their exhibitions. 

In 2020, we sadly needed to vacate the original premises, however we are thrilled to announce that we've officially migrated Eagle Works to a new home: Victoria House.


Victoria House is a disused office building on the roof of the Mander Centre in the heart of Wolverhampton. We currently have space for 11 artists, and hope to have further provisions soon. Please get in touch if you are interested in joining our community.


In the meantime, if anyone has any photos or memories from their time visiting the old Eagle Works building, please do share with us. We would love to build an archive on this website.

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