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PRIVATE VIEW - all welcome

Introduction address at 7pm

Exhibition runs 19th to 30th March, viewing by appointment
Email for enquiries

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A sense of place, uniting local history with drawing, film and photography.

As I drove past Windmill Farm in Essington I caught a glimpse of the splendid, impressive structure sitting majestically, like an ancient monolith on a mound of earth dominating the immediate landscape. It was encircled by a wonderful vista far reaching from the Wrekin in Shropshire to Sedgley Beacon in the Metropolitan borough of Dudley.   After considerable research, I discovered this structure was in fact the ruin of Essington Windmill; and furthermore, was steeped in local history for well over 200 years. The mill served local communities, grinding grain into finely milled flour using its strategic location and available wind energy to turn the sails for rotating the mill-stone.  I quickly became captivated and bewitched by the structure and entwined histories that it inspired my artistic energies to produce a body of art work as a testament to this crumbling monument. 

My art exhibition aspires to capture an essence and spirit of the mill through a diverse range of media exploring the mill in its various stages of existence.  Using drawing, film and photography the mill is depicted majestically from past to present day and the monochromatic theme aims to provide a seductive narrative for the audience. Furthermore, the exhibition ultimately hopes to engage the audience through an artistic, poetic sense of place and re-connection with local history.