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We've been quiet for a little while, but very soon we'll be opening our door for the Wolverhampton Open Studio event in coordination with Wolverhampton Society of Artists! 

We have welcomed many new artists into our studios over the summer, so this weekend event would be a fabulous opportunity to see their work as part of the group show in our gallery space, as well as visit their studios and talk to them about their work. 

We hope to see lots of you there!

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STATES OF CHANGE | Group exhibition

PRIVATE VIEW - all welcome
6 - 8pm Thursday 7th June 2018

The everyday processes by which surfaces are worn down, thinned or marked by contact with weather, citizens, or other agents, and detritus deposited elsewhere, puts a particular focus on materiality.  Material in its different conditions and formations has here a particular unstable character, defined as on-going process, shifting, disappearing and distancing. The project, States of Change explores, through divers artistic practices, the idea of erosion in social or material decline, and its productive potential. The process of erosion and its continuous fluid character will be further explored in ways in which material contests assumptions of agency, control, and in more general terms, visibility. This underlines the nature of artistic practice of being in and between processes of testing and reflection, shaping states of change, environments and materials.

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6:00 PM18:00


PRIVATE VIEW - all welcome

Introduction address at 7pm

Exhibition runs 19th to 30th March, viewing by appointment
Email suebrisco@hotmail.co.uk for enquiries

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A sense of place, uniting local history with drawing, film and photography.

As I drove past Windmill Farm in Essington I caught a glimpse of the splendid, impressive structure sitting majestically, like an ancient monolith on a mound of earth dominating the immediate landscape. It was encircled by a wonderful vista far reaching from the Wrekin in Shropshire to Sedgley Beacon in the Metropolitan borough of Dudley.   After considerable research, I discovered this structure was in fact the ruin of Essington Windmill; and furthermore, was steeped in local history for well over 200 years. The mill served local communities, grinding grain into finely milled flour using its strategic location and available wind energy to turn the sails for rotating the mill-stone.  I quickly became captivated and bewitched by the structure and entwined histories that it inspired my artistic energies to produce a body of art work as a testament to this crumbling monument. 

My art exhibition aspires to capture an essence and spirit of the mill through a diverse range of media exploring the mill in its various stages of existence.  Using drawing, film and photography the mill is depicted majestically from past to present day and the monochromatic theme aims to provide a seductive narrative for the audience. Furthermore, the exhibition ultimately hopes to engage the audience through an artistic, poetic sense of place and re-connection with local history.

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6:00 PM18:00

PRESENCE | Portrait and Video Exhibition by Hannah Mary

We're excited to be opening our gallery space up to share an event with Asylum Art Gallery, celebrating two years of silent women's walks for International Women's Day.


Following on from the silent walk of solidarity around the city centre at 1pm 10th March, Wolverhampton:

6pm -8pm Eagle Works Studios
7pm-9pm Asylum Art Gallery

Both venues will be showcasing the last two years of silent walks in white for International Women's Day. 

Eagle Works will be showcasing last years walk and video documented by Richard Brown.

Asylum Art Gallery will be showcasing portraits and statements from the women who walked this year with responses from poets at 7.30pm

Walk together at 7pm from Eagle Works to Asylum with international Women's day sashes to experience and reenact the strength of walking in silence and remembrance.

The WASPI Women will be representing the equality and rights of Women's pensions.

There will be refreshments at both venues.

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