Vieled | 2017 Oil on Canvas 3ft x 3ft

Vieled | 2017
Oil on Canvas
3ft x 3ft

Julie Edwards | Studio 10

Julie’s work is preoccupied with an intense inquisitiveness about the world she inhabits. She says that, "I do not endeavour to portray a realistic painting of the landscape, but aim to show the relationships and interactions of human beings within it". This includes recordings the marks made by the force and flow of elements and  a range of traces left behind on the earth’s surface.

Inspired by the natural landscape she fuses the abstract and representational in her paintings.  These paintings are expressive, emotive landscapes that record hints and elements of either figures or transient objects, touching and forever moving either steadily in time or fleetingly with the changeable landscape in a semi abstract way.

Julie strives to provide a visual seduction, sometimes a subliminal experience, putting the viewer into a more thoughtful and ‘idealised’ vision of the world, a form of escapism from this current unsettled world.