Deborah Stone | Studio 17

With traditional and digital techniques Deborah’s work uses both painting and photography to explore emotion and memory through association.

Her works are often make up moments, layers over a period of time. Working within the construct of decorative art, flirtatiousness of surface restores confidence and belief by creating subconscious storytelling.  Each layer represents another chapter or level of understanding, building images and compositions.  Every mark expresses a personality, a character which enhances or hides what went prior by simultaneously builds upon its structure to strengthen and empower.

Within each work is a scream, a silence, a calm and hope to rebuild. Moving forward with the will to carry on.  Her last series are fragments of the moments with in which we live.

An MA graduate in Photography Fine Art, Deborah works across media, primarily painting, drawing and photography. She has lived, travelled and exhibited in Australia, USA and Europe.