Finding the Path | 2017 Oil on canvas 92 x 122cm

Finding the Path | 2017
Oil on canvas
92 x 122cm

Charlie Kelly | Studio 13

My practice responds to memories documented through film, photography and drawing. I explore these memories through considering the dimensions of emotion using colour and geometric shapes. The work is both a representation of the state of mind, mood and attitude that I am painting with, alongside a reflection of that single moment I recorded the event. I aim to allow the paintings to become a tool for the viewer to have a momentary experience based on their interpretation of the shapes and colours. I noticed that my paintings, whether intentionally or not, are influenced by my emotions and the atmosphere I am surrounded by, either through colour or composition. It is natural for humans to have an emotional response to colour to connect it with an emotion. Each painting reflects an experience yet an experience itself by creating it. The composition and colour within my work begins to act as a representation of my state of mind, and latches onto subconscious thought in ways I sometimes only realise on completion, or reflection.
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